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My Routine

After years 7 years of study (it was seven years ago I first came into conscious contact with the law of attraction by reading for the first time Think and Grow Rich)

I have read and listened to many of the exact same books you have read from all the gurus and sub gurus on the planet. I have also dabbled into energy work and its meaning behind it. This area is deep, not for anyone who hasn’t gone thru “basic training” GIN Level 1 to 5.

I decided to write down my routine to absorb this information the fastest way possible, many are looking for a quick way to manifest your desires. This is EXACTLY what I do 6 to 7 days a week. As may days as possible. Sometime it is just impossible to day anything and I don’t worry. I have been doing it for three years intensely and on and off for seven years.

I Wake up at 3.AM with an alarm everyday and take  Haritaki

This is the King of Herbs and has several health benefits that will surprise you. I suggest you try it and see for yourself.

I listen to an audio of my choice that I wish to internalize it’s content. I do this within 3 seconds of waking up. Your mind is at its finest for absorbing anything you give it exposure at this time, you want to put something beneficial into your mind, not social media or news.

Get up an do all activities with the audio either playing in the background or with headphones. If you have a family invest in comfortable pair of headphones so you can walk around the house with them on. You will speed up your training by about 20%. You will eliminate distractions in your home while you tip toe around not wanting to wake up family or friends. Not everyone will see you the same as soon as you start this reprogramming process. What you listen to is your choice. I use the opportunity to listen to Your Wish Is Your Command audios series. This embeds the basic training and helps you get to unconscious competence faster. Where you can intentionally and directly affect and modify or change your DNA. This is a deep subject I will not get into until you pass “basic training”.

Then I start every morning possible with this audio to reset my physical body chemistry for maximum performance.

Then I write at least one thing I am grateful for on paper with blue ink. Some days I write more down, but most days I write at least one thing. When you get to doing this for several years, you find out why I do this. This is not a race, so go at your own pace. For me it’s one a day sometimes my personal top ten things I’m grateful for. This practice simply makes you grateful. I also sometimes squeeze in all the bad things that have happened to me, because it is an experience you can covert in to cleaning YOUR Karma ( KARMA is simple another term for The Law of ATTRACTION) . Nobody knows this. It is one of the secrets THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT. Karma is required to play the game of life. Know that it exists and play with it, its fun. Plus you must clean up your created Karma in this lifetime, or the next. More on that When I Mentor You.

Books I suggest you should know its contents.
1. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind The Original By: Joseph Murphy.
2. Chapter 4 of Think And Grow Rich Auto Suggestion by Napoleon Hill
3. The Power by Ronda Byrne

Read them and understand what they are telling you.
AT NIGHT  I listen to binaural beats this is a way to integrate the information deeper while you are asleep. As you know or just finding out that the brain doesn’t sleep, so you can reprogram yourself or teach yourself anything out want while you sleep. You just have to find the “exact combination” of audios or one single audio with “binaural beats” and you can and WILL integrate the information subconsciously. I do this 6 to 7 times a week.
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Mentorship includes access to the ORIGINAL Your Wish Is Your Command audio series