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The Law of Attraction is Real

Before we begin…

Have you heard of the best selling books on success, “Think & Grow Rich” & “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill and “The Secret” & “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne. They describe the “Law of Attraction.” I highly recommend them.

You may also find the audio below quite amazing. I’m not sure if you will have any interest. You know your situation better than I do. However, I encourage you to listen to the audio/video below right away.


Who is Zik Ukaeje?
I’m a webmaster by profession. I build and maintain websites for individuals, organizations and companies.”

Back in June of 2010, I was given the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill by a very good friend of mine.

 think-and-grow-rich-the-original-1937-unedit (2)

After a few months I finally settled down and read it after a series of events that led me to read it. I was amazed at the information contained in the book and was extremely curious as to the source of the information contained in the book. Being a webmaster I dug deeper online and found that all the information came from his FIRST book THE LAW OF SUCCESS published in 1925

Henry Ford did not like the fact that Andrew Carnegie had shared SECRETS with Napoleon Hill and in turn Mr. Hill had published a book based on this information. Mr. Ford bought up as many copies as he could back then and had the book edited down into The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons published in 1928


I never really put any of the formulas or assignments into practice. I just read the books and listened to the audio books. It was after several years later that I started READING and doing all the formulas in the book that I started seeing results.  I share my experiences with others so as to speed up their own process. I am a Mentor to some and I am a Mentee to my Mentors.

They are several suggestions and formulas in the book. At first reading I didn’t pick this up. But after several months of reading I was able to see the formula and understand how the book was written in sort of a “code-like” format.

Some information in the book was “skewed” and or deliberately removed and or altered. That is a very, very long story of FACTS. I will write about those findings in another article. If you are seeking for financial success I suggest you take active ACTION and participation in every aspect of the book, if you want to see changes in your life.

Back to my story; over the next few days after I reading the book “Think and Grow Rich“, I bought and audio version of the book and played the audio book over and over and over again for days and those days turned to months, then years. I did this just to make sure the information I had read stuck in my mind (subconscious mind). In Napoleon’s book he mentions, that one may “auto-suggest” information to oneself repetitively to ensure that your subconscious mind will retain the information you are suggesting it. So I did it with the whole book, and I currently do this with every book I find on this information. Great technique.

Studying The Law of Success lead me to listening to the audio series Your Wish Is Your Command by Kevin Trudeau, pictured below.
I was always in the front row soaking up the information. Those seminars cost me a lot to attend, but it was worth every penny. I was educated on the fact that when you pay money for educational materials, you energetically have invested energy in THAT material. So please everyone reading this, sometime PAY for the audios you listen to, so you may get the financial rewards from that. Kevin himself taught us this.


Now the whole story about Kevin Trudeau is a loooooooong one and I don’t have time to explain, but click this link and listen yourself if you are curious.

TheKevinTrudeauAbove at a training with Mr. Kevin Trudeau

Anywhere you mention Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie I’m there to gather information for my personal development. And this guy mentioned their names and I followed. I am so glad I did because this Law of Attraction is real thing is working wonders for me. I actually got to meet this guy twice and he’s one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Every time I’m around him I learn something new.



Years studying and researching I have learned very many tips and techniques in various areas of life. I am a GIN ( Global Information Network) affiliate member.
I have been helping friends and family with this information and have seen some great changes in their lives and businesses.
Many of them have asked me to go and coach others and I recently decided to help share what I have learned.

So I coach, teach, advise, suggest, consult, brainstorm, MASTERMIND whatever you may call it. I simply make people more effective. While doing so I become more effective. Its a win – win.

I travel around the world and teach others the principals in The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill.

The Basic Books List Most Talked about books in Personal Development

The Basic Books List Most Talked about books in Personal Development

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As a success coach I use this link  law of attraction – books to assit people as a life and business coach.
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My motto is, Sharing is Caring.


Zik Ukaeje – SuperHero



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